Guest Post Guidelines


Are you interested in guest blog posting on Sweetsnsarks?

I would love to feature you!  Below are the guest post guidelines.  Please submit your post via email (  I will review the post and if it meets my guidelines I will be in contact to let you know the date it will be published.           

I am looking for guest blog posts in the following categories:

-Intentional Living

-Motivational Tips

-Blogging and Freelance Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

-Empowering Women to Achieve Their Dreams

-Creatives, Bloggers, and/or Small Business Entrepreneurs That Inspire

-Stories About Family/Friends/Moments That Resonate 

Guest post guidelines: 

-Make sure to follow Sweetsnsnarks before submitting a guest post.

-Posts should not be published anywhere else 

– You can post a teaser on your blog that links to the full post here.

-Posts should be no less than 300 words and no more than 1000 words.

-Try to avoid typos & grammatical errors.

-Try to optimize the SEO in your post with keywords and headers.

-No affiliate links without permission.

-Please add a photo of yourself and a short bio at the end of the post so my readers can learn about you & your blog.

**I reserve the right to decline any posts if they do not meet these guidelines.

**I am not currently paying for posts, but I will be sharing each guest post on my social media pages to help you gain more traffic.

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