Saturday Night Snarks: Take 5

It’s been far too long since the last Saturday Night Snarks post. My apologies. It’s not as if the snark got up and walked off on its own. That’s not gonna happen.

So here is my Saturday night snarky musing. Enjoy!


Saturday Night Snarks: Take 3 – I Date Myself So You Don’t Have To

I Date Myself So You Don’t Have To. Not actually dating, however, I have been known to pull out all the stops, complete with make-up and lip gloss, and wear a cute outfit only to run errands.  In an offbeat way, I guess that is like dating myself.   However, the dating I am talking about is […]

Saturday Night Snarks: Take 2 – Desert Living, Perimenopausal Style

Since Mother Nature has jacked the heat up in Tucson and surrounding areas, tonight’s Saturday Night Snarks is all about Desert Living – Perimenopausal Style.   If you are anywhere near menopausal, perimenopausal or otherwise, I recommend putting off moving to the Desert SW.  Just don’t do it.  Not that the Desert SW isn’t a […]