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14358969_10157441136775693_7972266888397399423_nHi, my name is LeAnn, and I am thrilled you stopped by my section of the blogging world.  Sweetsnsnarks is designed to help others live with intention through the sweet and snarky sides of life.  I hope you will join me as I find beauty, meaning, and laughter in everyday moments.  

Here, you’ll find everything from how to find storytelling, finding resolve, work through anxiety and a big ol’ dose of quirkiness, and tips and tricks for creatives to help you through your own journey.  If there is beauty, meaning, laughter and quirkiness, I will be all over it!  

But that’s not all!  If you are looking for a Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator, or someone to add some pizzazz to your small creative business, I’m your girl!  If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant to help you with social media scheduling and content curation, because you need to focus on creating the work you love, guess what?  I’m your girl!

fun facts


I am a 40 something (leaning closer to the middle part of something).   My husband and I live in the bustling city of Tucson, AZ.  After a whirlwind romance, and I do mean whirlwind, I flew to back to Tucson with two suitcases to begin again.

The most beautiful place I have ever been was Venice, Italy.  I’m determined to travel back there someday as I felt connected to its mysterious allure.  I find peace near bodies of water and full green trees.  I still dream of a white picket fence, but have come to enjoy the adventures life has thrown my way. 

I have been labeled a contradiction in terms and I’m okay with that.  I am an outgoing introvert, a procrastinator with perfectionist tendencies, and have a love for modern as well as vintage styles.

Some of my favorite things include road trips, writing (duh), photography, dancing, Facebook reunions, long walks and 80’s hair bands.  I have the best parents a girl could ask for, and I am married to a man who makes me laugh all the time.




workin’ it

My work background consists of sales, bookkeeping, office assistant, legal assistant.  I found what I enjoyed the most was drafting legal documents and correspondence without dictation.  It made for quick learning!  Concise, informative, with a bit of creativity to construct a document to help others.  

Now I am turning my love of organizing and writing to help other creative entrepreneurs to reach their dreams!  Whether as a virtual assistant, freelance blogger, or freelance copywriter – my skills and experience can help alleviate the demands of being a small biz owner/blogger.  

why i blog


I started Sweetsnsnarks after years of friends and family telling me I should share my memories through storytelling.   They were right.  (Don’t you hate admitting someone else is right?!)    However, it was time to write about the priceless moments on a regular basis rather than waiting for a birthday/anniversary celebration or to memorialize a beloved soul in a eulogy.

Writing about the people behind the memories, shining light on the little things that hold great meaning, and how both of them deeply enriched my journey and theirs, deserves to be shared.  Words conveyed in writing and/or through photos resonate.  I hope my words and photos resonate with you.

where to go from here

You can connect with me by commenting on my blog (don’t forget to follow!), by email at sweetsnsnarks@gmail.com or follow along with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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