52-Week Blog Challenge: Week 10 – Oh To Win A Million Dollars

The  52-Week Blog Challenge was started by Britts Daily Dose & Sit Back And Just Live. I’m enjoying the challenge as a way to get myself into blogging consistently and it’s fun!  If you want to participate you can too!  All you need to do is 1. post the banner at the top of the post and 2. link both of their blogs in your post!  

52-week-blog-challenge-guideIf you’re taking part of the 52-Week Blog Challenge, please leave a comment below so I can check out your posts and get to know you as well. 🙂

Many of us don’t have the luxury of spending at will.  There’s bills to pay, obligations, and incidentals that life throws our way.

Oh to win a million dollars…we’ve all had that dream about a million times, but it’s always fun to dream.  


Here’s a list of my top 6 things I would do if I won a million dollars (after being smart by saving and investing: 

New car.  If one didn’t have to worry about a down payment and monthly payments, a new car would be OUTSTANDING!  My hubby and I work from home so thankfully we currently only need one vehicle, however, it’s getting old and showing its wear.


Move.  Let’s get the ball rolling.  While spending winters in Tucson are nice, I’m looking forward to moving back home to be near my family.  Heck, let’s just fast forward to being snow birds.  Buy a house back home and buy a condo in Tucson!  Nah, let’s make that a condo somewhere near a beach.  Win-win.


Buy a house.  Since moving back to the Midwest is on my to-do list, let’s add buying a home to the list.  I haven’t been a homeowner for a few years and it would feel good to have a bigger space of my own.  A charming home like the one below looks like a cozy, comforting retreat from the world. 


Travel.  Travel like there’s no tomorrow, baby!  My hubby and I have a European travel wish list that we’d like to tend to sooner rather than later.  As noted in the post Top 5 Places I’d Like To Visit, a tour of England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain sound like a dream come true.  

Treat others.  Sometimes it hasn’t been easy to buy presents for family members and friends.  However, I would love to give to others by treating them to an event, a weekend away, or activity.  Memories made while together are the treasured.  Those moments are the true gifts in life that a tangible gift cannot compare.


Donate.  There are always worthy causes that are in need of donations.  One cause close to my heart is the elderly.  I  would donate to a local care center(s) and to elderly shut-ins that don’t have family or friends to look out for them, to provide needed items they would find much needed or comforting.  

Again, spending time with someone is often the most beneficial, but also those who cannot get out on their own, also deeply appreciate someone looking out for them and their needs. 

To read more about how caring for the elderly is a gift check out the post, Pay It Forward By Doing Good.


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