52-Week Blog Challenge: Week 9- My Biggest Pet Peeve

The  52-Week Blog Challenge was started by Britts Daily Dose & Sit Back And Just Live. I’m enjoying the challenge as a way to get myself into blogging consistently and it’s fun!  If you want to participate you can too!  All you need to do is 1. post the banner at the top of the post and 2. link both of their blogs in your post!

52-week-blog-challengeWhile I have a proverbial laundry list of pet peeves, I decided my biggest pet peeve revolved around the modern convenience we would all cringe without, our cell phones.  No doubt, they are wonderful. The world figuratively at your fingertips, but damn, they can be annoying.  Below is a roundup of cell phone curses.


A roundup of our most loved nemesis:

  • The battery always is low when I’m about ready to go out the door.  (yeah, #firstworldproblems)

  • I can almost read what I’m texting others when I’m wearing my contacts despite bifocal contact assistance.  (Typing anything on my phone without using readers is a bit like Russian Roulette, but it’s part of what makes it interesting.)
  • Forgetting your cell phone feels like the world suddenly orphaned you.  (Remember when that used to feel like a good thing?  If not, then perhaps you aren’t along enough in years to truly appreciate it.)
  • Juggling a cell phone, car keys, water bottle, a purse can prove quite the act.  Want to hear a fail?  One day when I left work, I placed my brand new cell phone on top of the hood of my car, to free up a hand to open the door and unload all my stuff into the car.  What didn’t make it into the car?  You guessed it!  I was down the road a bit when I saw something in my review mirror fly out from the back of the car.  When I realized it was my phone. It was smashed to smithereens.  
  • People who walk around messaging on their phones and walk with the same speed as they either think or type.  I haven’t decided for sure, but I do know when they slow down or start weaving, I have a sudden urge to drop kick them.  (My bad)
  • What’s worse than walking around with someone obsessed with the cell phone, is the distracted driver so preoccupied either texting, reaching for their phone that dropped on the floorboard, or  so consumed in conversation that they have to slam on their breaks to avoid rear ending  someone, the weaving in and out of their lanes like a drunk driver, or completely missing the fact that the stoplight has turned green.  (My blood pressure is rising just typing this).
  • On the news, I saw that some places have areas designated for people on their cell phones to walk, separate from alert walkers.  If they could designate a lane for people on their cell phones to drive, millions would be eternally grateful).
  • Since I no longer know anyone’s number by memory, I would be totally screwed if there was an emergency and had to contact a loved one.  (Guess I better start sewing a tag into my underwear with my emergency contacts on it now).
  • That mini heart attack when you realize you’ve lost your cell phone.  Not the type where you lose it in the cushions and have someone call your phone to help find it.  No, I mean going out somewhere such as the local pool, restaurant, etc. You think you have everything and are on your merry way when you reach for your phone and it’s MIA.  It wouldn’t, of course, be so horrific if the nifty device was used solely to call people.  However, with emails and various accounts, it’s chilling to think of that information in someone else’s hands.
  • Last but not least there is what is known as text claw.  That lovely cramping and soreness from fingers to wrist to arm.  It makes quite the companion to carpal tunnel.


Of course, I would come unraveled if were denied access to my phone.  It’s become a part of our culture and existence.  I wouldn’t want to go back to landline phones for love or money, but they sure have their way with us – like a spoiled two-year-old with a temper tantrum.

For another humorous look at cell phones vs rotary phones check out my post, Rotaries Never Butt Dialed.  #truestory.

Photos from Pixabay and Kaboompics.


8 thoughts on “52-Week Blog Challenge: Week 9- My Biggest Pet Peeve

  1. I love this idea! I really hate being a passenger in a car as well and the driver is texting a lot! I try not to have my phone within reach while driving because it is just very distracting and dangerous! But this challenge is a great way to keep in check! Being a part-time blogger wont allow me to keep up with it so here’s my good luck to you. xo


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Shevy! Being a passenger with someone texting away is the worst! Scares me to death. When I drive I keep my phone someplace secure and in reach in the event something were to happen and I would need to call. Yes, this challenge is a fun way to keep in check with a blogging schedule, however, as I’ve been getting my fair share of migraines lately, I haven’t had the ability to write my other blog posts. :/ Hopefully, I will get into the swing of things soon. Thank you for commenting!


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