52-Week Blog Challenge: Childhood Memories

It’s time again for the 52-Week Blog Challenge!  What I love about the blog challenge is that it affords the opportunity unwind, ponder, and reminisce.  If we were to sit with a favorite cup of coffee and chat, I’m sure we’d touch on many of these topics in getting to know one another.


Week 7 is My Childhood Memories


Where, oh where, to begin?  That’s the question, my friends.

The thing is, I was pretty damn lucky in the childhood memories category.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  

The highlight reel would include vacations whether to amusement parks in the Midwest such as these pics from Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.  My dad won company trips via sales and when my brother and I got to tag along, we were always pretty excited.  

It usually meant a swimming pool, rides, and in this instance seeing the Kansas City Royals.  It was all fun and games until my brother and I got a nagging cough from all the chlorine in the pool and spend half the night barking at the moon. lol


Dad’s Dwight Yokum sideburns were all the rage in those days


Mom’s rocking the Florence Henderson inspired hairdo

Annual fishing trips to Canada too!  Although I’m a long way from a tomboy, I did appreciate the fishing trips. To be with my family, including one or more of my grandparents, without distraction is something most kids long for and appreciate.   

As noted in the blog post, Month of May, It was a 12-hour drive to the mid-sized fishing resort, Pine Point Resort.  (12 hours is a long day in the car for anyone, but when you are a kid, 12 hours is the equivalent of 24 hours or something like that).  I am glad my family had such vacations together.  The fact that it was an “unplugged” vacation (no phone, no TV and the only radio station that came in were in French) meant there was LOT of bonding time.

I enjoyed swimming in the water despite my mom’s warning about the leeches.  She told me not to come running to her when I got them stuck on my feet which is what happened.  There was the time when we saw a storm begin to build above the cove we were fishing in and suddenly everything was still.  Dad knew we needed to head back to our cabin fast, along with our next door neighbor’s who had joined us on the fishing trip.


Mom and I getting some water time

 There was the time when we saw a storm begin to build above the cove we were fishing in and suddenly everything was still.  Not a good sign!  

Dad knew we needed to head back to our cabin fast, along with our next door neighbors, who had joined us on the fishing trip, and we flew across the water like hell on fire.  I remember putting my hood up, not daring to venture a peak for surely I would be splashed in the face whenever we plummeted down from a wave.  

I held on to the side of my boat for my life.  As if on cue that comic relief was needed, the chair that screwed onto the bench, fell over.  Nervous laughter once again saved the day.


My big brother and I with the catch of the day.  Circa est. 1980

However, some of my most cherished memories were either spent at my grandparent’s cabin at the lake…

What I used to love the most about being at the cottage at the lake was swimming or going on boat rides, but as time goes by I realized I love being with my grandparents more than the lure of the lake.  

On some weekends, Papa would close the grocery store and Grandma and I would pick him up to head over to the cabin for the weekend.  They were both very loving and were glad to have any one of their grandkids with them at the cabin.  Grandma was the story teller and was always more than ready to break out in song or play a simple game to pass the time.


Any time spent with Papa, especially in the boat, was a special time.

Papa was the quiet, soft one whose eyes always seemed to light up whenever he looked your way.  I often would tag along on walks with him and the dog or chat with him when he would take me down to the lake to watch me swim.  In the morning, pancakes with warmed syrup would await.  

The only thing better than staying at the cabin with my grandparents was the 4th of July when the entire family converged to the lake.  How I enjoyed those times with my parents, grandparents, but also my aunt and uncle, cousins, and sometimes even my great aunts and uncles.  It made the holiday even more special with all the laughter that our extended family brought with them.  To read more about 4th of July Favorites click here.


The love of water came early for me.  Although my mom isn’t a waterbug, I appreciated every time she was with me at the lake.  Circa 1972


Family birthday at the cottage with cousins

or even simpler times at home.


A favorite with our dear old dad as he used to say


Simple times were the best of times

While I have always enjoyed getting out and exploring, I’ve also always been an introverted homebody.

Mom and I share the same sense of humor and are able to have fun no matter what is or isn’t going on while my dad and brother always had the love of the same hobbies.  One key component is that my parents always looked after family, friends, and neighbors.  


Sunday nights often meant having family or neighbors over for BBQ.  It was always a peaceful evening and we enjoyed having the company.  For years my great-grandparents, grandparents, and/or a neighbor came over to eat with us.  No matter who it was I enjoyed listening to their stories of times long before me such as The Great Depression, World War II stories, or family stories.  They ignited my imagination and compassion.


And while I enjoyed the times at the cottage, I also enjoyed spending time with my other grandparents, on my mother’s side.  In the picture above, I realize that I am now the age my grandma was in this photo.  How scary is that!?!?!  

My mom and I spent weekends in the Fall with her parents while Dad and my brother went to Dad’s hunting.  Grandma was always cooking and baking from scratch.  As soon as our feet hit the threshold, she wondered if we wanted a cookie.  Duh!   If you’re watching your calories turn away now!  She also made donuts, German chocolate cake, various kinds of pies, and bars.  

Grandpa stuck to himself out in his shed, while the three of us got to have our share of silliness.  To this day, Grandma gives me the giggles. Between saying who like hoot owl and our laments on the old days,  I look forward to our nightly chats especially now that I live so far from home.  

Grandma also used to spend the night at our house since she lived a few towns away.  It made the ordinary special.  There’s so much we can learn from one another when we put the time in.  Sometimes the three of us would go shopping, out to eat or go visit one of my great aunts who was as eccentric, if not more so, than Grandma.

Now it’s your turn!  Share some of your favorite childhood memories in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

The  52-Week Blog Challenge was started by Britts Daily Dose & Sit Back And Just LiveThey welcomed anyone to link up with them. I’m enjoying the challenge as a way to get myself into blogging consistently and it’s fun!  If you want to participate you can too!  All you need to do is 1. post the banner at the top of the post and 2. link both of their blogs in your post!

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