52-Week Blog Challenge: Week 5 – My Favorite Holiday

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My sweetest memories are those surrounded around the holidays and by that, I mean pretty much every holiday.  But there is always something special about Christmas that touches my heart.


What makes Christmas my favorite holiday?

  • Celebrating the birth of Christ and accepting his grace into our lives.  It’s the reason for the season!  As the years go on, there is far less emphasis on gift giving and more focus on appreciating all that we have in one another.

  • Despite all the hustle n’ bustle prepping for the holidays, it’s a time for reflection.  I’m grateful for all the love and effort my parents and grandparents put into the holiday to make it special for everyone. 
  • Holiday lights and decorations are unbeatable!  Nothing makes me smile more than seeing trees glistening both indoors and out.  My parents used to take my brother, Grandma, Papa, and I for a ride to take in the Christmas lights.  It was a rare treat to get together in the evenings, so for me to pick up my grandparents made the beautiful sights even more special. 

This year my hubby and I took in the light display at Winterhaven’s Festival of Lights here in Tucson.  As noted on their site, “The Festival of Lights is a celebration for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. Light is a common theme among many of the major religions of the world. Winterhaven’s Festival of Light is a gift to all.”  To learn more about the annual event visit winterhavenfestival.org.


Winterhaven Festival of Lights


One of my favorite traditions is going to look at all the Christmas lights.  

  • The songs of Christmas are some of the most beautiful, timeless songs ever written. Silent Night, The Christmas Song, Silver Bells, I’ll Be Home For Christmas are masterpieces.  My favorite setting to hear them was at the candlelight service with Grandma on Christmas Eve.  

Glitz n’ Glamour of The Holidays!


La Encantada -Tucson


Stunning Window Displays



  • Another favorite memory of Christmas is sitting around the Christmas tree on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day simply telling stories of past Christmases and other family and local events.  It was so fun to hear stories before my time as told by my late Grandma.  As a kid, having the adults in my family together without being hurried was a treat and I cherished all the more as an adult.  Now many of those beautiful souls are no longer with us and Christmas just isn’t the same.  However, their passing in no way diminishes the love or the memories.  They were priceless and I hold them dear to my heart.



Holiday Baubles & Bows


Season’s Greetings

No matter how you and yours celebrate the holiday, may you all have a Merry Christmas!

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24 thoughts on “52-Week Blog Challenge: Week 5 – My Favorite Holiday

  1. It is one of my favorite holidays too! It’s a great time to spend with loved ones. Hope you’ve had a great celebration this year! Merry Christmas to you and your family. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Agnes! I had a great time getting out and taking Christmas-inspired photos while everyone else hustled around shopping. lol. The big Christmas tree was at an open air shopping mall and quite stunning. Thank you for commenting!


    • Halloween is such a fun holiday and so many wonderful memories! I sure miss my nephew being little and going trick-or-treating with him. Next year my hubby and I hope to finally get to a local Halloween party. Better start thinking of my costume now. lol What have been some of your favorite Halloween costumes? Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year!


  2. I agree, Christmas is my favorite holiday too! I like to enjoy the whole Christmas season, and I love winter, snow and of course all the lights and decorations. Cozying up to a Christmas movie and drinking some hot chocolate are some of my favorite things to do 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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