52-Week Blog Challenge: Week 3 – Meet My Family

The  52-Week Blog Challenge was started by Britts Daily Dose & Sit Back And Just Live. They welcomed anyone to link up with them.  I am loving the challenge and if you want to participate you can too!😀  All you need to do is 1. post the below banner and 2. link both of their blogs in your post!



52-Week Blog Challenge


So far you’ve gotten to know in Week 1 – Meet My Best Friend and Week 2: My Favorite Things

Week 3 is a chance to meet my family.  Meet my family already?  It’s like we just started dating, but here it goes!


Meet my hubby 

His name is John. He’s the MacGyver of about everything.  I won’t go on for days, but here are a few highlights of our story:

  • We met through many mutual Facebook friends – the majority of which are in my native state of Iowa.
  • He flew to Minneapolis from Tucson for our first date and by that time we had gotten to know so much about each other over a long distance, we knew this was it for both of us and went for it.
  • We married in the summer of 2012 in Vegas which taught me to NEVER get married in the desert SW, in the summer, which is about 9 months long here.
  • More about him: He’s an IT unicorn, he served in the army and stationed in Germany, he’s ridiculously witty, and he’s pretty much always in a good mood. 
  • lifestyle-blog-challenge-family

    Married The Man Of My Dreams In Vegas

My parents:

  • Dad is an avid outdoorsman. He is almost the Grisly Adams type but prefers frequent bathing.  Hunting, trap shooting, fishing – it’s always something.
  • Mom went to cosmetology school, but shortly thereafter, she got married and was a busy stay-at-home Mom.  In the 80s, she started making custom window treatments and to this day is still making wonderful creations. 
  • One of Dad’s claim to fame is having won the dance contest at the Surf Ballroom the night Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens had their last performance there before their plane crashed.  To read more of the night the music died, click here.
  • Mom is the one I get my snark from.  If you’re ever in the need for a quick-witted, one-liner, she’s your gal.  To read about some of her snark, click here
  • They have lived in the same house for 48 years.  It’s one of the many things I love about visiting home.  Their neighborhood has many of the same neighbors that I have known for many, many years. 

My Parents On Their Wedding Day – 1967

My late grandparents:

  • Papa and Grandma met when Papa came to work for my great-grandparents at their little grocery store.  They worked side-by-side throughout their lives together.
  • They were reminiscent of Nel and Harriet Oleson on Little House In The Prairie who also owned and operated their own store.  (I can tell you that now that Grandma is not around.  😉
  • Papa grew up with 4 siblings who traveled to Iowa from Illinois in search of work.   Papa, his dad, and three brothers slept on park benches as they made the journey while their mother and sister slept inside the car. 
  • Grandma was an only child who grew up working in the family grocery business. She loved traveling overseas, volunteering at the church, and always had a story to tell.

Papa and Grandma On Their Wedding Day – 1939

My fur babies:
  • My dog Mason is a 4-year-old rescue.  He’s an Australian shepherd/terrier mix.
  • Mason has traveled with me by plane and car to and from Iowa when I stay for extended periods of time.
  • The cat, Lucky, is a 5-year-old rescue.  He’s one cool cat who acts more like a dog.
  • Lucky loves it when Mason and I are gone for several weeks in the summer so he can rule the roost again. It’s then that her reverts to acting more like a dog.


Thanks for humoring my look at my family. 

In a side note, I have two adult step-children, 4 step-grandchild, and one teenage step-daughter.  They are very busy with their own lives and unfortunately, we do not see them as often as we would like. 

If you join the 52-Week Blog Challenge be sure to comment below and tag me in the post!  I want to get to know you as a fellow blogger!

Next week I’m looking forward to sharing my top 5 places I’d like to visit! 






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