Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind The Scenes With Artist, Elizabeth Sullivan

It’s been so much fun to get to a behind the scenes look at creative entrepreneurs via the Creatives Corner By LeAnn series.  Highlighting the talent of others is one of my great joys of blogging.

Today’s feature is the self-taught, New Zealand artist, Elizabeth Sullivan aka 


Mixed Media On Montval Medium


Did you always have an idea of what you wanted to do?

I have, for as long as I can remember, been a creative person.  It’s part of my DNA.  As a child, I loved to draw (though I was never a “natural”), color and collage.  I used to make albums and scrapbooks.

Throughout my adult years, despite pursuing other things, I have always created.  It relaxes me and it is a necessary part of my life. My creativity was, however, more of a hobby. 

Back in 2008, I did a mixed media art course that incorporated watercolor, collage, stitching, and beading.  Totally up my alley!   That was my first introduction to watercolor and I was hooked.  Learning how to incorporate other materials such as thread, beads, sequins, ribbons and collage in my painting added depth, dimension, and texture that appealed greatly to me.



The Art of Elizabeth Sullivan


What about your craft sets you apart?

Well, I’m still very much in the learning and exploring phase of my art journey, but I’m a very feminine person.  I love and appreciate beautiful things and my art is, to a large extent, very feminine in style and that makes it authentically “me”.

Who inspires you creatively?

There are a number of artists who inspire me!  My personal inspiration comes mainly from nature, weather, flowers, emotions, and feelings.  I also love fashion, textures, and shapes.  All of these elements collectively transform into ideas and creative inspiration.


Mixed Media On Paper


Who make you think “they just get me”?

Primarily my husband and children.  Since I began posting my art on Instagram, I have made some lovely friends and like-minded creatives and a number of those ladies “get me.”


Embellished Pink Shoes


What have you learned about yourself creatively?

I am a self-taught artist and I think the biggest thing that has been holding me back is fear and doubt. 

Until this year, I was unable to call myself an artist. The most significant thing I have learned about myself this year is that this is MY creative journey, and as long as I practice and experiment creatively in some form every day and am true to myself, then I will grow into my art and become more confident.  That confidence is, I believe, beginning to show forth in the art I am making now.


Drips & Drips Letting the Paintbrush Dance Around the Page!


What has been your biggest challenge with your creative endeavors and how did you
overcome them?
My biggest challenge is definitely procrastination fuelled by self-doubt! It is hard not to be overwhelmed with the artistic talent out there, and although the positives of posting work on social media outweigh the negatives, there is also a fear of not feeling as though my art is not good enough or worthy.
It is a constant and ongoing challenge to push through those internal dialogues of self-doubt.  The only way is to keep on creating and showing up!

Mixed Media Abstract On Khadi Paper Handmade In South India

How do you find work/life balance when you are feeling overwhelmed?
I look back over the art I have made over the past few years and it reassures me because I see my growth and knowledge gained.  I might need to take a break for a couple of days, do other things, then start again with a fresh outlook.

“Sweet Surrender” Watercolor, Ink, & Pen On Paper

What is a typical day in the life of like?
Well, I have 3 school-aged children so I do not have the luxury of a regular routine for my art practice! 
I have to take an hour or two (or more, if I’m lucky!) here and or there when I can.
Sometimes it is only 15 minutes or half an hour.  I make sure I have a portable kit so I can sketch on the go or whilst waiting for one of my children. 
The important thing is I do something every day. I walk my daughter to and from school each day and I use that time to really take in my surroundings and engage with the world around me.

“Cascade” Mixed Media On Watercolor Paper

 What are your go to hashtags for your niche?
I have a few; #makersgonnamake, #doitfortheprocess, #creativeprocess, #carveouttimeforart and #creativecommunity.

Work In Progress

 Each day it is a privilege to see such beautiful, colorful artwork by Elizabeth.  Her creative journey in consistently making time for art, use of various mediums, as well as influences of nature make for some beautiful artwork to savor. 
It’s easy to see how such vibrant colors can inspire.  However, Elizabeth’s reminder to take a step back to observe the progress in her own artwork is a great reminder to all creatives. 

Mini Work In Progress


Elizabeth Sullivan

To support creatives it’s important to share the love.  Reading about Elizabeth’s approach to her talents has made me appreciate her work all the more.  Please visit Elizabeth on Instagram by clicking here and share the love.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for letting me feature your beautiful artwork and a behind the scenes look at what inspires you!
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4 thoughts on “Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind The Scenes With Artist, Elizabeth Sullivan

  1. A lovely article about a lovely person and artist! I always love to see the work of Elizabeth in my Instagram feed, it’s filled with joy and happiness. So nice to learn more about her and her process!

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  2. LeAnn, thank you again for featuring me! I love the article and the way you presented me and my art. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with you on this.

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