52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 1

The other day I found this amazing challenge that was started by Britts Daily Dose & Sit Back And Just Live They welcomed anyone to link up with them.  I decided to go for it and you can too😀 All you need to do is 1. post the below banner and 2. link both of their blogs in your post!


Week 1:  Meet My Best Friend

52-Week Blog Challenge - Week 1.png

Who is she?

My best friend is Christie.  She has served in the military, been an incredible mom to two accomplished young men, and she is one funny, intelligent, talented lady that I admire and respect.


My BFF & I At Our Favorite Spot

Where did we meet?

We met 27 years ago in high school.  Gulp.  Each time I do the math it takes my breath away.  It certainly doesn’t seem like that long ago, but hey time flies when you’re awkward.  (I made that last part up.  Take my word for it.)  

She was a senior and I was a junior and only for a few more days at that.  (We’ve always had bad timing).  I should have graduated in her class, but thanks to overwhelming shyness, I went to kindergarten readiness.  (Told you I was awkward).  However, her and I are both awkward and shy in our own ways and we “get” each other.

What do I admire about my best friend? 

Christie has more than proven herself as a mighty force.  She has divine musical talented, intelligent, and inspirational.  The girl has made me proud in many, many ways.


(She doesn’t remember the picture from our dark-haired phase.  I don’t remember being thin.  We balance each other out).

She has served our country for two decades with multiple tours, raised two insanely talented, intelligent young men on her own, and cares deeply for her inner circle to the point that I know in a heartbeat she would be there.

There have often been periods of time when we haven’t seen one another, but pick up where we left off, to the point of stepping in for one another with family. 

For example, she moved back from being stationed in Maine and had with her a baby boy.  It wasn’t long before she was sent to Texas for two months of training.  While she was away I helped to watch her baby.

Another time, after I had moved to Arizona, Christie went to check in on my parents after my mom had surgery and when my dad was in critical care for severe pneumonia.

What do we do for fun?

From day one we have enjoyed spending time together going for rides around the local lake or random day-trip, laying out at the lake, and going to rock concerts.  To read more about the life of 80s girls check out Saturday Night Snarks: Take 3 – I Date Myself So You Don’t Have To.

We enjoyed rides around the lake and road trip because we grew up before everyone knots in their neck and claw hand from looking down and holding cell phones to take us virtually around the world.  We actually have to venture out of the house to “get out of the house.” 

 Living in the Midwest you learn to soak up the sun whenever you have a chance.  After months of cold weather, sunbathing feels good!  Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend a day on the beach?  Duh.


We Didn’t Go Out A Ton But When We Did It Was To A Concert – W/  Blas Elias Of Slaughter

No matter whether we were hanging out at each other’s place or going for a ride, 80s hairband music was always on our radar which leads to talking about music, musicians, and having our ears pressed to the radio whenever there was a concert announcement.

What makes our friendship endure?

We respect and cherish the girls we were when we met.  We don’t compete.  We nurture through laughter, through tears, through remembering simpler times and commiserating over challenges. 


I Told Her Take A Pic Of My Lake Snow Angel

To be able to have fun without elaborate plans, laughing until our sides and sinuses ache, and having known one another’s family to include grandparents, as well as aunts/uncles, helps to bind us in sisterhood.

Fun facts:

  1. We know more about 80s & 90s pop culture of that time than any one human needs to know and we’re desperate to use it to sound incredibly knowledgeable.
  2. We can remember time frames better by concerts than by years
  3. Purple Passion was once our drink of choice (Christie quote,” It goes down smooth until you stand up and your lip is wrapped around your knees.”)
  4. We have no clue how we got our hair that big every damn day (see above)
  5. We act like an old married couple with our banter
  6. Her younger son thinks I am a cousin and that my mom is an aunt.  I’m willing to go along with it.  That’s what happens when teenagers don’t pay attention.
  7. We still don’t fully believe we’ve found a perfect hair color (see above)
  8. She is more Miranda Hobbs/Samantha Jones while I am more Carrie Bradshaw/Charlotte York

I’d love to hear a fun fact about your best friend or a touching memory.  Leave a comment below! 

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