Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind the Scenes With Artist Tove Moss

Through an Instagram challenge hosted by none other than Jenna Kutcher, I crossed paths with Norway-based artist, @ToveMoss, from Tove Moss Journey.  We found mutual respect for one another’s talents.

Tove has some of the most beautiful and intriguing conceptual jewelry pieces fully infused with soul.  Her work, passion, and encouraging ways are why I asked her to be a part of Creatives Corner By LeAnn.  I wanted to share a Behind the Scenes look with Tove to learn more about the woman behind the art, but also to inspire others in their creative process.


Let’s go behind the scenes with Tove Moss!

How did you discover your blogging/business niche?

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a great imagination. I spent a lot of time by myself since my sisters were so much older than me.  My sisters had moved out when I was little, so I often used my imagination to find things to do.

I went to an art school for children for some time and loved drawing clothes for the catwalk models. I always dreamed of having a creative job as an adult, and my mother has always supported my dreams so I could develop into the artist I am today.


Porcelain Face Jewelry


Did you always have an idea of what you wanted to do?

I always knew in my heart that to be happy as a grown up I needed to have a creative job.  I always got great feedbacks when using my creative mind, so for me, this was a natural way to go.

Unfortunately, I chose “a safe path” and became a social worker because I didn’t have enough faith in myself to fulfill my dreams. 

As the years went by, I had an underlying urge to express myself creatively and wanted to communicate through art. After a workshop in Italy, I totally fell in love with porcelain jewelry and that became what I call “my heart child”.

What about your craft/biz sets you apart?

I truly believe that if you’re going to succeed and feel good about what you are doing, you have to help others or good causes, and not solely focus on your own happiness.

Everyone has to find their own way. My way of helping is by inspiring and communicating through art. 

I am very conceptual in my approach. It can be very personal or more general – it is possible to “feel” my jewelry and the intention beyond the material expression. I want you to see beyond the material expression to explore something deeper and to find this connection.  I think that sets me apart.



“Everyone has to find their own way.  My way of helping is by inspiring and communicating through art.”


Who inspires you creatively?  Who makes you think, “they just get me?”

For me, it is not so much about other people, but about other sources. I am very sensitive – music, impressions, colors, feelings and fantasy are great inspirational sources for me. 

Architectural design, nature and the human psychology (from working with people for many years) are essential inspirational sources in my work.  For me, to create and design is a long process which consists of studying, exploring and adapting sensations, emotions, thoughts, and ideas. 

To be honest, I think many artists think and feel that no one gets them. That’s why artists feel a need to show who they truly through art.  However, if I had to list people who inspire me, I think it might be Steve Jobs, Buddha, and Leonor Fini, does that make sense?

Being a creative entrepreneur, what have you learned the most about yourself and about freelancing that you feel is important to share with others?

I have learned so much!

I guess I have learned “the hard way” because I am in the beginning of my career and you make many mistakes before you learn.

You have to really believe in your work and your talents because there are so many critical people out there, not because of what you actually do, but because you do something new that people do not really know how to approach.

I don’t have a problem with standing up for my art and I believe in it, but it is sometimes demanding when people are “thinking inside the box” and you are so abstract in thoughts and expression.

You have to love what you are doing from the bottom of your heart or else it is easy to lose the motivation, but if you are really deeply passionate about what you are doing, you are going to absolutely love the freedom you get when being your own boss! 

The last thing, be kind to yourself; always have time to rest, eat, laugh, dance, love, and sing – don’t let life get too serious!


“Thoughts behind the face jewelry – The face represents the “self” and the light and dark colors (that I use in different amounts for every face) represent the process of the balancing the yin and the yang energies in every human being.  When you find the balance you get in a state of harmony and feel free and balanced.  The face represents the search and finding of this state of mind.  The eyes are closed like it is thinking, sensing and feeling your heart and my good intentions to you.” – Tove Moss

What would you like to explore with your art that you haven’t tapped into yet?

There’s so much I want to explore.  I don`t know where to begin!

For example, I want to show my art in countries outside Norway; I want to attend international art exhibitions.

I want to play with combining art jewelry with other forms of sculptural art and different settings with sound and colors, where people also interact in the exhibition.  And of course, I want to explore the world of porcelain with different technique and color combinations.

What has been your biggest challenge with your creative endeavors and how did you overcome them?

As I mentioned before, you have to believe in your dream even though no one else understands your ways.

I previously had a very uninspired job that made me very unhappy, but I was so afraid of not having enough money if I were to quit.

One day I just resigned to follow my dream, and many many people said I was crazy to quit my job because it was a highly regarded job with good salary, unlike as the job as an artist can be.

My challenge was to believe enough in myself to fulfill my dream. I said to myself one day; “Tove, if you want to find true happiness, like when you were little, you have to start doing what you love, and if you love what you do, you will succeed”.

That is my secret! Sometimes you just have to believe that things will fall into place.



The “Journey” Necklace – Limited Edition

How do you find work/life balance when you are feeling overwhelmed?

I believe that the mind and body are so deeply connected and you have to nurture your mind as well as your body, so I use meditation, mindfulness, and a little yoga to find my inner balance after a hectic period.

I also like to be out in nature, this makes me calm.

Remember to also sometimes log off social media and “log on to life”, the best wifi – connection is inside yourself…

What are your go-to hashtags for your niche?

#uniquejewellery #jewellerymadewithpassion and #handmadejewellery

What are some things you would like to experiment with?

I want to experiment with new exhibition areas and audience, making more art jewelry in porcelain and playing with different glazes and forms. Later I want to make larger sculptures for the wall and for the interior, like big art jewelry in a way.



“…if you want to find true happiness, like when you were little, you have to start doing what you love, and if you love what you do, you will succeed.”


What article, post, or artist has inspired you lately?

I am inspired by a Norwegian artist, Marit V. Wulff, I just heard of that had an exhibition at ONS (Offshore Northern Seas). She makes wonderful art.  To learn more about Marit V. Wulff’s exhibit at ONS click here

Any recent or upcoming projects you would like to share?

I was one of two art exhibitors at ONS (the world’s second largest oil and gas exhibitions and conferences areas for the offshore oil and gas industry) in Stavanger this year and it’s is a big leap for my career as an artist.  For more about ONS click here.


Tove’s Exhibit At ONS (Offshore Northern Seas)

On November 24th, I will be attending the Makers 12 event and exhibition in Stavanger, a marketplace which primarily targets the up and coming, unknown maker.  It’s a very interesting concept and I look forward to showing my conceptual art jewelry among other artists.  For more information about my exhibit at Makers 12 event click here.



Thank you, Tove, for sharing your artwork, your process, and experiences in creating.  You are an inspiration, not just for your beautiful pieces, but for the soul you put into your work and communicate to your followers.  I look forward to seeing more of your works, including wall art, and for your future accomplishments.

Please be sure to check out Tove’s work on Instagram @tovemoss  and via her website

Finally, please share the love by sharing the post to support the creative spirit.  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind the Scenes With Artist Tove Moss

  1. Hello LeAnn!

    Thank you so much for this behind the scenes, it looks wonderful, I am so pleased with your work!

    By the way I could see somthing that I would ask you to fix, under the heading How did you discover your blogging/business niche? some words/text are written two times.

    Thank you ones more for giving me this unique oportunity to talk about my art, I will never forget this [😊]

    Nice greetings,

    Tove Øglænd.


    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so welcome, sweet friend! I do thank you for pointing the edit out. Sometimes I swear this WP has a mind of its own. lol. I am truly inspired by your words, having felt the same way in many instances in my work life and feeling unhappy no matter how hard I tried. I know to be happy I need to live a creative life. Also, the way you described the soul and the feelings you wish to convey in the faces, with their eyes closed, as a bonding from artist to owner, was extremely beautiful. You’re all heart, girl!


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