Saturday Night Snarks: Take 5

It’s been far too long since the last Saturday Night Snarks post.  My apologies.  It’s not as if the snark got up and walked off on its own.  That’s not gonna happen.  

So here is my Saturday night snarky musing.  Enjoy!



What has happened is a blogging evolution as out in Trusting Your Journey: 5 Tips For the Evolving Blogger. You find what works and what doesn’t work, you go back to the drawing board and voila!  

Only it’s really not voila!  Dammit anyway. 

So let’s uncork the snark!


Woobox –  Thank you spellcheck for making every attempt to find Woobox morph into Woodbox.  

I’ve lived decades free from ever knowing I needed a Woobox let alone a “Woodbox.”  Frankly, I thought I had a Woobox.  I didn’t.  In fact, I only stumbled upon the fact I needed Woobox from a blurry-eyed, pinning spree.  (We’ve all been there).

I bet no one ever made the gigantic leap that in order to have your Instagram feed show up on your Facebook page, you need Woobox.  Only a mythical unicorn would ever venture such a guess.  

Politics on Social Media Remember the good old days when you had to either be on the phone with or visiting in person with someone in order to know how vehemently they had their claws dug into their political views?  Those were the good old days!  

My primary use for Facebook has been whittled down to groups for bloggers and local events.  Beyond that I am stepping into My Opinion Is The Only Opinion Pond of self-righteousness.  No. Thank. You!  

Sometimes I can go two or three posts in my feed before being blatantly reminded of someone’s political rants, but that’s as rare as knowing you need Woobox for Facebook via osmosis.

Luke Perry – The Face of AARP Now there’s a slap in the face to Generation X.  I was perfectly content knowing Luke Perry was older than me a few years, I didn’t need it spelled out according to AARP terms.


This kind of travesty could be filed along with the sentiment of that listed in Politics on Social Media – and not talked about so blatantly.   

We (Generation X) are now encroaching the “get off my lawn” phase among other milestones.  To be honest, I have been of the “get off my lawn” club as soon as I owned property and whippersnappers (I can’t believe I just used that word) rode buzzed by on their snowmobiles.  All I needed was for them to wrap themselves around one of the 20 oak trees on the property I owned at the time.  No. Thank. You.  

Can we just pretend for a moment that 90201 had its final season ten years ago, there’s no such thing as a new 90210, and that Luke Perry is a little older and wiser?  


If you can relate to any of this, please let me know by leaving a comment below.  You and I need to stick together.  

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