Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind the Scenes with Artist, Sari Shryack @not_sorry_art

Creatives Corner By LeAnn goes Behind The Scenes With Artist, Sari Shryack aka (@not_sorry_art).  Her artwork turns the everyday into magic.  Whether looking down a street or at a still life, her colorful, infused brushstrokes bring soul to her subjects.

It doesn’t take long to become obsessed with seeing new Instagram posts of Sari’s artwork. Soon you too will begin to imagine your home or neighborhood, landscapes and plants, and still life objects painted by her hand.  


                        “I just want you to look at this and feeel Austin.” – Sari

How did you discover your blogging/business niche?

As a millennial, I grew up immersed in technology and social media so putting my passion for art just seemed like a natural thing to do. I love sharing my art and my passion for the creative process with the like-minded people I have found on Instagram.

Did you always have an idea of what you wanted to do?

I have always wanted to be an artist, particularly a painter. By the time I was in college the idea of sustaining myself financially on art seemed like a very distant goal but I pursued a Fine Arts degree anyways. I figured that if I worked hard enough that the right opportunities would show up.



                         “Palm fronds and pink granite for days.” – Sari

What about your craft/biz sets you apart?

I’m not entirely sure.  I do know that my art is a very honest expression of who I am so in that since it is very individual. While I’m not afraid to look at others and draw from them as inspiration, I make sure that ultimately what I paint is something I would want to hang on my wall.

Who inspires you creatively?  Who makes you think, “they just get me?” 

In college, I looked at a lot of classical painters. Initially, I was drawn Edward Hopper as well as the early 20th-century American impressionists and later, Wayne Thiebaud. Then there are my peers, I found through social media, who inspire me to create daily. While I don’t pull as much stylistically from them (although I deeply admire their art) I am inspired by the empowerment campaigns like @doitfortheprocess and @carveouttimeforart. 


“If this color pallet doesn’t say hot Austin summer than I don’t know what does.” – Sari

Being a creative entrepreneur, what have you learned the most about yourself and about freelancing that you feel is important to share with others?

I still feel I am very much on the learning side of this question, but there are a few thoughts I feel have grounded me so far.

First, be consistent. I have found that creativity breeds more creativity so if you do just a little each day your stamina for creating grows.

Second, be kind to yourself, when you freelance you are your own boss so be a good boss to yourself.

Most importantly, paint/do what makes your heart hurt. If you’re not so passionate that your heart aches a little then you need to keep looking, my college painting professor gave me that advice and it has held true to this day.


                                       “…quintessential Austin agave” – Sari

What would you like to explore with your art that you haven’t tapped into yet?

So much! I think that’s the best part about painting. Art/painting is how I explore the world around me. However, I took an installation class in college and when I’m not thinking I’m painting, I’m usually thinking in terms of ‘how can I form this idea into a tangible installation?’ or ‘How can get others to physically interact with this concept?’


“Today I invited hot pink to the party to spice things up a bit and I don’t hate it.  I can’t wait to see where these sleep farm-scapes take me.” – Sari

What has been your biggest challenge with your creative endeavors and how did you overcome them?

When I graduated college I got a job doing graphic design work with a company here in Austin. While this was what I went to school for, and the company was great, I felt very unfulfilled.

I think taking the leap into the unknown and quitting in order to figure out what I wanted was very challenging. I overcame this by leaning into my husband, learning to have confidence in my intuition and utilizing the motivation that having my first child gave me. Stepping back from this job and into the role of a mother gave me the clarity to see that I need to be creating to feel fulfilled.


             “I have a thing for pink houses, no matter the state.” -Sari

How do you find work/life balance when you are feeling overwhelmed?

Lots of deep breathing lol. This is where Instagram really come in handy. So many of the women I follow, share in their struggle with this balance. The sense of community that they offer, in addition to the knowledge that I am a better mom/wife/friend when I am being true to myself, helps to keep me balanced.



What is a typical day in the life of like?

I have a 10-month-old so my days are very routine right now. I usually get up at 6:30 to wake and feed everyone. We then go on a family walk for about an hour.  When we get home my husband leaves for work and I put the baby down for a two-hour nap.

During nap time I do my painting for the day and clean up the house. I wake the baby at 11 and then run errands and/or take the baby to a park, museum, store. We eat lunch and then I put the baby down for a small afternoon nap where I finish up paintings or work on freelance design work.

After I get the baby up I feed him, watch him while I get dinner going, then it’s usually about 7. I feed him and put him to bed by 8 which is when my husband comes home. We catch up and I usually pass out around 9:30.

There are then about one or two-night feedings. It feels very busy right now but I now the days of my baby being so little are numbered and I’m trying to savor them as much as possible. My days are full but very worth it.


I was fortunate to discover Sari’s artwork through a mutual ‘Grammer, when Sari was hosting a giveaway.  I won this amazing creation which adorns my kitchen.  Tomato soup has never looked so good!  Thank you, Sari!

What are your go-to hashtags for your niche?

#doitfortheprocess and #carveouttimeforart are my favorite

What are some things you would like to experiment with?

I would like to eventually move up in scale. I really like the images that I have been working with but I would like to see them take up a large part of a room, almost like an installation.

What article, post, or artist has inspired you lately?

So many. I really like @slowseason her writing and her art.  It is very close to my heart lately.


                Rural Landscape

It is such a pleasure to share the works of talented, inspiring ladies.  I want to thank Sari for the opportunity to feature her amazing works and hope you will visit Sari on Instagram @not_sorry_art by clicking here

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Finally, please be so kind and share the love and this post if you enjoyed it!  

Thanks y’all!



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