Trusting Your Journey: 5 Tips For The Evolving Blogger

Trust your journey.  Trust your vision, your adaptability, and your tenacity.  While you aim to provide a product or a service you will need to provide focus to your audience, but to make a connection you need to be your authentic self.  To promote trust in them you need to first trust your journey.  




Writing has always been a challenge for me in a good way. Blogging has been the biggest homework assignment ever, especially for the techie-challenged, in a good way.   Writing has always been my craft.

Blogging has brought a newfound purpose to my words.  Whether to inform, dream, encourage or share – blogging is a platform that gives voice and relevance to a broad spectrum.

Writers see the world differently.  Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch, become story fabric.  – Buffy Anderson


Clearly, I remember sitting at my desk in third grade, quietly watching in the darkened room, a tv show whose purpose was to encourage creativity through writing prompts.  The narrator was a green bug.  At the end of the script, the audience (via the green bug) was given a scene and the assignment was to finish the story.

(I don’t remember the name of the show, but I am certain A Lizard To Start With was the name of the assigned textbook that year.  A quick Google search confirmed this fact along with its year of publication – 1976.  This says three things to me:  1.  I’m not in my 20s *sigh  2.  I have a damn good memory  3.  Written words/stories were captivating).

It was a catalyst.  My wheels started turning and soon this learning style became my favorite.  Being encouraged to put creativity into my own words had to be hands-down the most liberating exercise.  


Fast forward 30 some years later, blogging has brought the same spark.  Often I have a concept of what I wish to write. Other times an idea is sparked by an article I’ve read, social media posts, or a photo.



Explore Your Passions Through Blogging



Speaking of photos, blogging has further ignited my passion for photography.  Through Skype chats with a fellow entrepreneur, who quickly recognized my passion for photography, my voice has turned my love of photography into my new business!

Lines, light, composition, in the outdoors, and in everyday objects for styled-stock photos, light my creativity with fire!  And why not!  The infamous quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words” says it all.  

During the course of blogging, sharing tips, tricks, and stories, beautiful imagery is essential.  Images bring the blogs to life!


Blush Roses Styled Photo by and copyright, LeAnn Rodriguez @ljbrod

My journey is evolving in unexpected, amazing ways.  Rather than working to promote someone else’s work, I have found my passion in bringing to fruition my own.  

Does that mean I cannot help other creative entrepreneurs?  Absolutely not!  

It means that my photos can help them to showcase their products and services, give an image to their brand, and convey a story.  In building trust, should other skill sets prove helpful to one another, then that can be employed as a bonus.  (Such as copywriting or scheduling social media).  

5 Tips For the Evolving Bloggers:

  • Explore your creativity to find your niche – Not everyone has it all figured out!  If you do, congratulations!  You are a rare breed of mythical unicorn.  I applaud you. However, during the process of blogging and pursuing your dreams, you may find your niche unexpectedly. For me, direction and encouragement came from another creative entrepreneur.  For you, that may be in trying a new outlet for your creative mind.  Hell, it may even mean flying a kite!  To read more about exploring  your creativity click here.
  • Reach out!  – The creative community fosters #communityovercompetition.  Set up a time to talk with your biz bestie, your biggest fan, and/or take a poll in Facebook groups or ask your Instagram followers about how they have evolved, what worked for them and what fell like a lead balloon.  They will be able to provide invaluable tips from their experiences.
  •  Make a plan – Once you have narrowed your niche, make a plan utilizing short-term goals.  No one can do everything all at once – unless you are one of those mythical creatures listed above.  Setting short-term weekly goals with help you compartmentalize the tasks while at the same time give you the foundation to build upon.    
  • Share your work –  Start spreading the word as you evolve.  Give a sneak peak on your social media outlets.  People are eager and receptive to those who embrace their authentic selves and talents.  
  • Schedule reviews – Whether with a coach, biz bestie or even on your own, periodically schedule the time to review the progress made and weed out what ideas aren’t jiving. Taking a step back will help to propel your ahead. 

Blogging evolution has led me to open an account with EyeEm to feature some of my work. To find me on EyeEm click here.

A new website is in the making to feature outdoor and styled stock photos for bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs.  I look forward to connecting with y’all on the new site and serving your creative needs.

My evolution in blogging has been an exciting challenge as I hope yours has been as well. Share your blogging struggles, challenges, and wins below.

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18 thoughts on “Trusting Your Journey: 5 Tips For The Evolving Blogger

  1. Great tips! I recently started blogging regularly and I learned from another blogger to join blogging communities. I was so amazed at the “Community over competition” concept! It has been so inspiring to connect with other bloggers who also support me. And on top of that, I have learned to support other bloggers.

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