Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind the Scenes with Artist, Sari Shryack @not_sorry_art

Creatives Corner By LeAnn goes Behind The Scenes With Artist, Sari Shryack aka (@not_sorry_art). ¬†Her artwork turns the everyday into magic. ¬†Whether looking down a street or at a still life, her colorful, infused brushstrokes bring soul to her subjects. It doesn’t take long to become obsessed with seeing new Instagram posts of Sari’s artwork. […]

Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind The Scenes With Brynn James

Discovering the works of other creatives has been fun and inspiring. Everyone has their own creative process, whether a painter, designer, photographer, or writer. When someone creates something there is a natural tendency to want to know more about the process. It’s an honor to feature artist, Brynn James, on Creatives Corner by LeAnn: Behind The Scenes.

Trusting Your Journey: 5 Tips For The Evolving Blogger

Trust your journey. Trust your vision, your adaptability, and your tenacity. While you aim to provide a product or a service you will need to provide focus to your audience, but to make a connection you need to be your authentic self. To promote trust in them you need to first trust your journey.