Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind the Scenes W​ith Priscilla George

There is a magic to seeing the ordinary examined and turned extraordinary with the paint brush, watercolors, and water.  Nature is anything but ordinary, but it takes on a magical nature to see an artist rendering equally matched in beauty.


Priscilla George


This Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind the Scenes focuses on the watercolor world of Priscilla George of Priscilla George Art.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Priscilla.  Her artwork brightens my Instagram feed with an array of watercolor art.

It is an honor to showcase and share her artwork.



It has been a treat to see various watercolor pieces and themes by Priscilla George via Instagram.  Nature-inspired, pet-inspired portraits, pastel girls, and custom home artwork, Priscilla brings them all to life in beautiful color, true-to-life art.

How did you discover your blogging/business niche?

I decided to be a watercolor artist of animals and nature by many factors that were chance and necessity. Since I can remember I’ve created animal and nature art. Those are two of my big interests that make me happy. 

It wasn’t until 2011, when my daughter was born, that I started painting with watercolor and decided to start my art career.

Before watercolor, I painted with acrylics which dry quickly. I was wasting paint and finding I couldn’t paint for 15 minutes here and there with acrylics.  It was really inconvenient. Watercolor seemed the only medium that I could start and stop, not waste paint, and it was also very portable.



Capturing Natural Light

Did you always have an idea of what you wanted to do?

Ever since I was young I wanted to be an artist. There were many other things I wanted to be including a vet, zoo animal trainer, and graphic designer.

I’m too emotional to be a vet so I went for a graphic designer because with technology and products I thought for sure I would always have a job.

When I went to art college, I studied graphic design but hated it. Art college is expensive so I changed and received a horticulture degree.  I worked with plants until it hit me that I never gave my art career a real chance.

All those years I felt that without an art degree I couldn’t be a real artist and that my artwork wasn’t good enough.

I want my daughter to see me pursue my passion so I jumped into the art world and not having a degree hasn’t stopped me yet.



Custom Home Portraits


What about your craft/biz sets you apart?

My artwork borders on illustration. I keep my backgrounds white for the most part and add splatter that gives it a fun, cheerful feel. My subjects are the main focus and really pop off the paper.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who inspires you creatively?  Who makes you think, “They just get me?” 

I follow so many accounts on Instagram! @plantsinfocus @nimasprout @greggirbygallery @steelcutflowerco @designseeds @begoodnatured

Being a creative entrepreneur, what have you learned the most about yourself and about freelancing that you feel is important to share with others?

Give yourself way more time than you think you need to complete a project. Don’t over schedule your days.  Make time for family over work.

Housework is always there so keep your house “uncluttered” but don’t stress about perfect cleanliness.



Geode Painting


What has been your biggest challenge with your creative endeavors and how did you overcome them?

Finding time to get everything done. Each year I have more and more on my plate.  It becomes harder to balance it all.  I’m still working on this problem and finding what works so I use my time wisely.

Mainly staying off my phone and the internet, block websites that are time suckers, schedule social media content and make it so I’m not painting every day.

How do you find work/life balance when you are feeling overwhelmed? 

Having a painting day, an administrative day, and a day one day off a week helps me not feel so overwhelmed. Lists, lots of lists. I use Trello and paper and have a bullet journal. 

Yet again this is something I’m still working on and battling currently. I’m hoping when my daughter goes to kindergarten this Fall I can focus those hours she is gone on work. Then focus on family afterward [after school] as well as getting to bed at a normal time every day.



Painted Butterflies


What is a typical day in the life of like?

I wake up, post on Instagram, and spend an hour commenting and interacting with others while I drink coffee and make food.

Go down to my studio, make my list for the day, and try to get some things done before my daughter gets bored or needs more food.

Around lunch, I run errands, have some fun with my daughter at the playground, library or outdoor adventure.  When we return home I try to squeeze in some more work before dinner.

 After dinner, but before my daughter’s nighttime routine, I again post on Instagram and interact. By the time this done it is 10pm and I either am too tired to do anything or I push through it and paint until midnight-2am.

What are some of your tools of the trade?



Tools of the Artist Trade


Front row from upper left to right:  Lihit Pen Case, Micron Pens (not shown), Pentel Aquash Brushes, Kuratake Brush Pen 

Second row from left to right:  Moleskine unknown sketchbook, Col-Erase Colored Pencils for sketching, Pencil Case, inside pencil-case Copic Sketch MarkersSakura Koi Field WatercolorsMoleskin Art Plus 3.5×5.5, backpack sold in Sears, Kohls, Tj Maxx, and Zulily.

What are your go-to hashtags for your niche?

#watercolor #animalart #pursuepretty #makersgonnamake #natureinthehome #myunicornlife

If you would like to follow Priscilla on Instagram click here.  You will love her Instagram feed.  To find Priscilla on Etsy, click here.  Give her a shout out by letting her know what pieces are your favorites.  Contact Priscilla for custom pet and home portraits.

A special thank you to Priscilla for agreeing to be interviewed for the Creatives Corner by LeAnn feature series along with donating one of her prints.

Please spread the love by sharing!

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  1. Great paintings! It’s always great to hear and see what’s behind the scenes for artists. And you’re right, you don’t see too many house portraits, but I remember my sorority would order a house portrait every year for the sorority house. It was always fun seeing the different rendition every year.

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