She Walks With Me: Honoring The Women Who Shape Our Lives

She Walks With Me: Honoring the Women Who Shape Our Lives.  The women who shape our lives are warriors, healers, our biggest fans, and unsung heroes.  Most importantly, they are far more than what they have merely done to shape up.  They have their own stories of love, strength, loss, weakness, and so much more.  This post is to honor them all.

Who is she?

She is as close as the heart in my chest.  Each step in unison in beat with trials and tribulations.  She walks alongside me as sure as the road that lies ahead – steady and straight with purpose and devotion.



She stands tall on the outside while on the inside housed the biggest heart filled with child-like dreams.  She is the foundation others have built their dreams, have pursued their interests, and have overlooked.  But she is the strongest of them all.

There is light from within that radiates outward flickering upon each soul she sees. They feel it’s warmth and compassion.  They know it readily when she is near.

She is the laughter when the world seems dark.  She is the whisper of loving reminders when I weep.  She is the open arms, the forgiving smile, the sweet embrace like summer.  

Memories abound with playful laughter, recalling more simple times.  An evening with her is a memory in the making a reminder of what is peaceful feels like home, and of days eternal.  She is sure-footed while others falter.

She walks with me when I am anxious.  Her voice a familiar, steadying cadence.  She knows the good of the world and has tasted its bitterness.  In between fall the sweet, simple moments.  


She Knows Your Potential Before You Unearth It

She laughs when something tickles me – even when it is her comical ways she doesn’t see. Her eyes light up with giggles like the young girl she used to be.  She soothed me over the years that I have tried to repay.

When she is not feeling well, I reach for her hand.  Those are times that mean the most.  Understood love and reciprocated caring.  

All her life she cared for others – numerous siblings, her mother, her own kids in her teenage years, all with a husband serving overseas.  In her early forties, she renewed the caring with the birth of her grandchildren.

She knows the ache of children in growing close to growing apart.  She tended to her babies and her gravely ill mother until she passed in the night.  She knows heartache and wonder.  Depression and sorrow.  

Who is She?

When I first began to write this post, “She” was my mother. Slowly I recognized my late grandmother as well as my ailing grandmother.  I realized quickly, that all the “She’s” were the women in life that have shown love, taught what they have known, and those with a shared bond.

She is our mother, our grandmothers, aunts, great-aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and so one.  She is our mentor, our teacher, our inner voice and gut feeling.

She knows your heart as well as her own.  She knows your potential before you unearth it. She is the one who wants better for you than she had for herself.  

One of the greatest lessons in life is embracing what we have right before our eyes.  

Counting my blessings with tears in my eyes.

Who is the “She” in your life?  Leave a comment below describing some of the inspiring women in your life that you’re thankful for!

There will be more heartfelt posts to come as well as posts inspire you to reach your blogging and small biz dreams, and artist features.  Over the past couple of months the blog has evolved, but at the heart of it remains encouragement, tips and tools, and relatable stories to help you navigate blogging, your creative biz, and life. 

Thank you for stopping by!  To learn more about life’s lessons I’ve shared, click here and here





17 thoughts on “She Walks With Me: Honoring The Women Who Shape Our Lives

  1. What a beautiful post and such an amazing dedication to all the wonderful women in our lives. Thanks for writing and keep doing what you’re doing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This really did have me in my feelings!! lol. I actually have sheSS which would be of course my mom, but also my sister who actually was raising me when I was little. But the “SHE” of today is my lovely and beautiful fiancée/soon-to-be wife! (:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tridrekus – I had to giggle about this had you in your feelings. lol. There are so many wonderful people that come and go in our lives that manage to touch our heart, but especially those near and dear. So glad you have the important “she”‘s in your life! Hope you stop by the blog again! xoxo


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