Let’s Do This! Inspiration to Kick A** & Live Your Authentic Life

It’s the start of a new month.  You’ve experienced wins and losses.  It’s a perfect time to set goals for the next 30 days.  Let’s Do This!


It’s been a long time coming.  You have tried to fit in, you have gone down the prescribed paths, and you have dusted yourself off and started over again.  

Now, what?  Maybe it’s wanting to work on your own terms.  Maybe it’s part midlife crisis talking.  Maybe it’s residual effects of the last full moon.  Frankly, it could be all three.  If it’s the latter most, please pour yourself a glass of wine. You’re welcome in advance.  😉


Raise a glass to your abilities, your goals, where you’ve been and where you’re going!

Regardless the reason, you feel in your gut you can create something beyond what you or anyone else ever imagined.  Something from your abilities, skills, and resources into an entity that is empowering and uplifting.  

Others will undoubtedly wonder just what the hell you are doing.  That’s okay.  You may wonder the same thing from time to time.  This is YOUR creative journey, not theirs.  You know what that means?  You get to call the shots!  

You likely have so many items on your to-do list you don’t even know where to start.  Especially true if you are starting a blog and/or biz on a budget.  That alone spells out the need to take a step back to focus on specific goals.  

Here are a few tips:

Bullet-Journal  Find a pretty journal and start bullet journaling ideas, to-do lists, and any left over goals from last month.  This will give you a general framework.  Review what is working, what you can ditch, or what to revisit at a later time.    

Ask For Feedback.  Your followers, biz besties, and clients are a great resource pool.  Talk to your tribe, engage them on social media platforms, send out a questionnaire.  

Other ideas:

  • Schedule an Instagram post asking a question of your followers;
  • Facebook groups are a wonderful resource to get to know other creatives as well as tips and tricks of the trade;
  • Send your clients and biz besties a questionnaire.  Whether you use Google Docs or Typeform – a questionnaire, with your targeted questions in an easy-follow format, help you strategize your blog/biz.  To check out Typeform, click here. 
  • See what I did there? 

Share Your Goals  Sharing your goals will put it out there in the universe.  You said it out loud (so-to-speak) and having a sense of accountability will help motivate action. Others will respect and support you for putting yourself out there.  Your followers and biz besties will be your cheerleaders along the way.  


Let’s do this thing together!

What if you fall short?  Well, if you haven’t fallen short at something in your life, congratulations!  The next Pulitzer Prize winner has been found (much to the relief of the nominating committee I’m sure).  

On the plus side, if you fall short, you will find what you need to work on and will come out swinging the next round.  Mistakes will be made. Accept them as part of the process then move on!  You may even want to share them as a way to connect with your following.  Nobody likes a know it all.  (If you do like a know it all they may also be in the running for a Pulitzer Prize.  Just sayin’).

Following the beat of your own drum, with help from your tribe, and a lot of hard work will assist you in living an authentic life.  Carving out your dreams with your own tools and know-how, expanding your skill base, and meeting equally creative, interesting folks will nurture your dreams.  

You got this!  Get out there and kick ass! Let’s do this thing together!

If you enjoyed this post or found it helpful, please follow the blog and leave a comment.  I look forward to hearing from you!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Do This! Inspiration to Kick A** & Live Your Authentic Life

    • Thank you! I always used to be hesitant to share as well for fear of falling short. It happens to all of us, but for me, I feel a shift in the importance of sharing. Hope you find it something that help you in your journey! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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