Creatives Corner By LeAnn: Behind the Scenes With Eva Alessandria

The first Creatives Corner: Behind the Scenes, featured abstract artist Laura Fedorowicz of Elle and Kay Collection. To check out the blog post click here.  

I am pleased to continue featuring artists, as well as other creatives on the blog, as well as creating an artists/creatives community.  Stay tuned!



Eva does art.  She does great art.  She does ridiculously outstanding art.

A short story for you:  Once upon a time I found a witty, talented artist on Instagram.  She is friends with another witty, talented artist.  I love stories like that, don’t you?!

The artist I came across Eva Alessandria.  But this is not “The End”.  You can find Eva on Instagram here. 

Eva is a phenomenal artist.  She has participated in the #100daysproject on Instagram and has knocked it out of the park!

However, it is not only her art which stands apart.  By getting to know Eva, I have come to know an authentic, caring, supportive friend.  Each day we manage to share in a good giggle or two as well as heartfelt respect.  She is the real deal and I want to share her story and artwork with you.

How did you discover your niche?

I have always had art in my life in one aspect or another. I was born into a very artistic family and creating was highly encouraged from a very young age.

After joining the military my knack for working in Photoshop was tapped upon and suddenly I was working as a graphic designer (and photographer!) for Uncle Sam.

After doing that for fourteen years an injury sent me packing from the Army and I felt lost. I turned to art as my therapy and it just kinda steamrolled from there.

Did you always have an idea of what you wanted to do?

If you asked me when I was five I would have said I wanted to be an artist. At eighteen I think my feelings were more, I want to make a living and the art world isn’t an easy business to break into.

Going into it full-time in my thirties, I no longer had the worry of money so it was full steam ahead. I count it among my blessings that I was noticed pretty quickly. I had my first gallery show within 8 months of putting a brush to canvas.

Even then it wasn’t about money, though, I was more mind blown that I was even noticed, being that it is an incredibly hard field to get that footing in.

Now I never create with monetary value in my head. It’s the furthest thought from my mind.  I live with the intent of always keeping it that way.

mcm2 2 canvas

Eva Alessandria Art

What about your craft/biz sets you apart?

I think all pieces of artwork are so individual unless you’re a forgery artist.

We can all be given the same tools and supplies and no two pieces will ever be identical. Artists see everything differently.

My personal experience extends beyond the canvas to the computer.  I can tweak to the clients content, issue different variants in giclee prints, and make the same piece of art look like twenty different ones.

The canvas and computer go hand in hand for me.

Who inspires you creatively?  

I have three top inspirations:

One is no doubt music. It always has. I am incredibly moved by it. I can still remember listening to AM gold in the backseat of the car and bawling my eyes out to “Leaving on a Jet Plane” at the ripe age of four. I now try to avoid music that makes me bawl. I’m more of a classic punk rock and metal kinda girl.

Second biggest inspiration is from growing up on the beach. I often work in palettes inspired by the beach and draw on the textures and distressing that the salt air causes.

Third is mid-century design. My home was filled with these straight lined treasures as a child, and I still adore it to this day. Some artists like to work with circles. I like to work with lines.

Hello My Name Is Canvas

Hello My Name Is Canvas

Who makes you think, “they just get me?”

Le ANN gets me! There is so many in my “Instatribe” I would not know where to even start. Instagram has been a treasure chest of friendships for me.

Being a creative entrepreneur, what have you learned the most about yourself and about freelancing that you feel is important to share with others?

About myself, I have learned that I need to be very careful with what commissions I accept. I have a hard time creating something in a subject or palette that doesn’t resound with me.

I have been blessed when it comes to freelancing.  I have never had to approach a gallery. All of the galleries I that have shown in came to me.

Stay humble, hustle hard, and the sales will come if you’re doing what you love for the right reasons.

What has been your biggest challenge with your creative endeavors and how did you overcome them? 

I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get it all in. 

I get sidetracked often and have a very short attention span especially when I’m working on something other than the art itself.  

I hate self-promotion as well.  Still overcoming it all!

How do you find work/life balance when you are feeling overwhelmed? 

I take a week or longer breaks here and there. No art.  No business.  I plan them in advance so I can look forward to them and take them as needed. 

I like to keep my workload down for the summer as well.  It recharges me.  

If I’m just having a pissy day I walk away.  The art will still be there tomorrow and my feelings for it will most likely be totally different.

maurvelous blued

Marvelous Blued

What is a typical day in the life of like?

Coffee and incense first. I like to start the day with good smelling things.

I set a timer and answer work only emails for 20 minutes while I sip. Then I meditate, I suffer from some chronic pain issues that this helps with and it helps clear my head for the days work.

I spend about 6 hours on art, then off to the gym and dinner.  After dinner, I prep any shipments or courier pickups, answer a few more emails, and the night is left for perusing art books, comics, study and video games.

What are your go-to hashtags for your niche?

#illgrammers,#abstraction, #evaalessandria

What is one of the craziest things you’ve done that brought great inspiration later?

This is a loaded question! 

I am basically bonafide crazy and this would be a novel if I answered it. Let’s just say I am brave to a fault and I have whispered to myself on many occasions “what did I get myself into this time?”.

My professional Bio they use at the gallery:

“Captivating bold and brilliantly seasoned palettes coupled with tons of textures and fanciful compositions encapsulate the pieces of contemporary artist and New York City native Eva Alessandria. Highly influenced by mid-century design her artworks are created using acrylics and oils where she lets her trust fall completely to intuition finding a meditative state of peaceful happiness that flows from within and into her paintings.”

My own bio – “hi I’m Eva and do art”

Keep it humble!



Creatives Corner: Behind The Scenes – Passion Project

For fellow artists, Eva has written an excellent blog post about entitled, Selling Your Art Online,  If you have ever thought about selling your artwork online or have questions about the various sites, I highly recommend you check it out.

Finally, if you are an artist or creative looking for a Virtual Assistant and/or Freelance Writer to assist social media marketing, content creation, content curation, or to be FEATURED on the blog, please click here. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


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