The Last 4 Years of Marriage, Life, & Now Blogging & What It Taught Me

As I shared on Instagram, four years ago today this happened: 


Being July in Vegas, it was one of the hottest days on earth. My plantar fascia was unbearably painful.  My first limo ride felt like I was being transported in a heat seeking missile with me in my Pippa-inspired dress and my groom decked out in his suit.

In case Pippa doesn’t strike a bell nor her dress click here.  (If you could care less, go here).

That being said, I was the luckiest girl in the world to exchange vows with my husband, in a cheesy chapel just off the Vegas strip and share the journey that is life.

As they say, this wasn’t my first rodeo.  I was married previously for ten years.  It wasn’t my husband’s first rodeo either.  Three marriages between us (hey, crap happens), we quickly knew what we were looking for in life and with a partner.  


We met in modern fashion: via the internet.  

Thanks to Facebook and a mutual friend, we found ourselves in the same social circles without stepping out our door or putting on pants for that matter.

For months, we would click on one another’s profile thinking…”Damn, why can’t he/she live closer?”  “There’s something about him/her.”  

Then one day, when our mutual Facebook friends became relatively quiet, I started a playful interaction with the dark haired, deep brown-eyed man in the white button down shirt, who had been drawing me in with his smile. 

(My husband is in IT.  I had a silly question about the speakers on the computer at work. The computer was telling me the speakers were internal when they were no more internal than my left foot.  He responded by instructing me to unplug the computer for a few minutes and then plug it back in). 

And that, my friends, is how this Midwest girl ended up in the desert.

More of our whirlwind romance to come, but more important, what I have I learned in the past four years?

  •  TrustThere will always be hurdles, but having a strong foundation of trust will see you through trying times whether in your marriage, relationship, or business you need to trust your gut.  
  •  MindfulnessAppreciate the every day as well as times of celebration.  Say goodbye to outside influences and focus on the present.  Nothing is guaranteed.  
  • It’s The Little Things – Peaceful moments together such as taking our rescue dog to the dog park, cooking dinner together, or going for a ride have often been the bright spots of our day. Why?  It gives us time together to share what’s on our mind, share memories, and daydreaming out loud.  It’s those times that we could tune out the rest of the world. We get to enjoy each other’s company. (For more  on mindfulness click here.)
  • Culture ShockCulture shock is real.  Moving from the Heartland to the Desert SW felt like another world.  It still does.  However, being open to adventure and practicing mindfulness has greatly helped.
  • Follow Your HeartThe heart wants what the heart wants.  Just as with trusting your gut, following your heart.  If there is something you have always wanted to learn, learn it.  If there is an activity you have always wanted to try, consider trying it, after you learn what’s involved.  You just never know. 
  • I’m One Lucky LadyI’m one damn lucky lady to have such a supportive, loving husband who is truly my best friend. He encourages my creativity and pursuits as well as loves me exactly as I am.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me and celebrating this day!  

What have you learned in the past few years about marriage, life, or blogging that have impacted you?  I would love to hear.

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