Saturday Night Snarks: Take 4-That Makes My Eye Twitch

It could be generalized anxiety.  It could be sleeping patterns.  It could be too much time staring at the monitor.  For sure it is hearing words such as interface, cyclops, or Pavlov’s Dog that causes a distinct twitch to my eyelids.  

Writing about them is causing both eyelids to twitch at repetitive intervals.  If it were translated to music, I am sure it would have been a craze in the techno era of the 80s.  (There I go Dating Myself So You Don’t Have To).


I may be onto something because already I feel a newfound sense of creative wonder at work.  It’s as if the group Devo donned their ridiculous red caps to perform another irritatingly catchy tune.  (My apologies in advance if by somehow throwing this out into the universe comes back as a Devo-Esque revival.)  For those with the great fortunate of never having heard Devo, I give you this.

I have never doubted I am a nerd, but my nerdiness leans toward creativity with reading, writing, and photography as my tendencies.  My pinkies are set too far down on my hand to play an instrument without causing screeches comparable to a screeching monkey.  It sounds a little like this sans the happier sounding tones at the end.

Something else that makes my eye twitch is second guessing myself.  (For those overly confident types, please quit hogging it all.  Jeesh!  Spread the love, will ya?!)  If second guessing myself was a field of study, I would have a doctorate and likely be sitting next to Stephen Hawking.  

(If I were sitting next to Stephen Hawking, the only thing I would think to say is that I love the movie [The Theory of Everything] which is saying I love his life story.  We should all be so lucky).  

All I really know is that my eyes are twitching and it is likely from too much time staring at this fine monitor.  It is time to give these eyes  a rest, but I wanted to send a Saturday Night Snarks out into the blogosphere before another Saturday passed by.  For more Saturday Night Snarks check out this or this. 

Let the snark be with you!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Snarks: Take 4-That Makes My Eye Twitch

  1. Love the whip it reference – I recall their weird red hats reminding me of Lego’s growing up. I had a lot of twitching in my eyes too and I mentioned it at an eye dr visit years ago. I’ve always had excellent vision 20/18 in both eyes. He ended up giving me glasses to help reduce eye strain and my vision is even better now….20/14. They helped me tremendously. Maybe you’ll have to start vlogging. Is that what they call video blogs? Did I just date myself!? XOXO

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    • Bahahahahaha! Damn Lego hats! That song sends me, yet I find myself singing it when I hear it. I have had glasses since first grade and didn’t notice eye twitching until I started working on computers. They also contribute a lot to my headaches. So what do I do? Start a blog. 😀 Stress also causes my eyes to do a dance. Yes, vlogging may be the next step. To date myself, so you don’t feel alone, I have bifocals in my glasses and contacts. *sigh


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