They Lived Happily (Ever) After Filing Taxes

They Lived Happily (Ever) After Filing Taxes is to pay tribute to my parents who married on tax day.


April 15th is just another day on the calendar. I have long believed that getting married on tax day is a great reminder for spouses to be assured to NOT forget their anniversary.  Nobody wants to be in that position.  Even I have forgotten my second wedding anniversary.  However, if it is your second marriage + the date is very close to the wedding date of your first marriage, I am not sure that technically counts. Yeah, it probably does, doesn’t it.  Facebook has made remember such dates much easier.

In 1967, April 15th happened to land on a Saturday.  Spring was in full swing with warming temperatures (but not too warm)(or so they thought), trees budding, + birds singing.  New beginnings are in the air as were the sounds of wedding bells for the sweetest + snarkiest people I know, my mom + dad.  (Tax day didn’t hold significance for Mom + Dad back then, she explained, because they didn’t owe any taxes).

My parents’ wedding was a traditional affair with usual wedding accouterments.  A bride in a long, sleek taffeta dress with a long-sleeved, empire lace bodice with a slender white satin bow flowing softly down the middle of the dress.  Elegant + simply stated.  The groom + groomsmen stood clean-cut + dapper in their black tuxedos.  Four bridesmaids paired with four groomsmen, including family members + friends, as we as the flower girl (my dad’s niece) + ring bearer (my mom’s younger brother).

April in the Midwest typically is cool to mild, but overall pleasant after the trials of winter. On the day Mom + Dad got married, I was told it was hot it was hot + possibly humid.  According to Mom, the day was made even hotter by  the packed church, her long, lined dress, + the tight girdle the sales lady at the bridal shop insisted upon.  Considering that Mom was barely 100 lbs + 5’5″, the sales lady at the shop must have been influenced by the Twiggy look of the day.

Keeping the heat of the day + the setting in mind, there is a particular wedding photo of Mom + Dad that sends me into a fit of laughter.  Mom + Dad are standing at the altar kissing in an overly dramatically posed manner.  While a kiss itself is otherwise a norm in wedding photography, what makes me laugh is the position of Mom’s arms straight down at her sides + she appears rigid as if Riga Mortis took hold.

“You looked thrilled.”  I once quipped, “What was your problem?”

“Well, first of all, it was hot as hell, there was no air conditioning or fans, I’m bound up in a girdle under the hot taffeta, + how many times do I have to kiss his mug anyway.”  I have to admit, she did make a strong case.  It certainly sounded like my mom alright.  While she is very kind + generous, she has never had a taste for drama.  I am sure for her, as well as with most brides, pulling off a wedding is about as much drama as one ever needs.

Over the course of nearly 50 years together, they have had their ups + downs like any couple, but they shared the same core values, worked hard at whatever they set out to do – be it my dad’s position as a district manager for a retail company, my mom as a stay-at-home mother to my brother + I, + later creative entrepreneur making custom window coverings out of the home for many, many years.

The two of them have always been the cornerstone in extended family gatherings, looking after their parents’ needs especially as they aged, + also to their only grandchild.  As one can imagine, that boy brings them a lot of happiness + keeps them busy with all of his activities.  My mom still groans about the ruckus the unexpected temperatures that day brought her + all the posing for pictures during a nerve-wracking, sweaty day.  I asked if she wanted to have a 50th Anniversary Party next year.  Her response, “Yeah, one where everyone stays home.”

Point noted + taken.  A simple brunch + card shower will suffice.

The featured image is the newlyweds setting out in on their honeymoon. The sweet vehicle is one that my dad borrowed from his best friend for the occasion.  It is one of my favorite photos.


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