Walking Boldly: Motivation Beyond Mondays

“Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them.”  – Unknown

An empowering quote.  Imagine obstacles melting away leaving an open space of opportunity beyond what once was thought possible. That’s when you are Walking Boldly Beyond Mondays. How liberating!



It takes that initial spark to make the decision to walk boldly with head held high, shoulders back battle ready.  If the battle is a victory a mark is made in the win column.  If the battle was well fought, but stepping back to take another look and formulate another strategy proved the better option, a lesson was learned.

The learning process makes us dig deeper into ourselves to extract our goals, our strength, our understanding making us fierce and battle ready.  Either way, the obstacle lost much of its hold with the level of determination to push forward mounts.

When one is determined, creativity is sparked to find solutions outside the proverbial box.  A direct line of attack may not be available.  Consideration of another viable alternative opens a new road to achievement.  

It takes grit in the midst of struggles, especially when blindsided by obstacles.  It takes a moment to adjust to from the fall the obstacle standing defiantly, until a more scrutinizing look reveals cracks.


Mentally place yourself in front of the obstacle that is holding you back.  Sit with it without judgment.

It often takes a second or third look to thoroughly formulate one’s course.  As knowledge of the matter increases, perceptions tend to shift, and confidence grows.  Suddenly something that once seemed ominous no longer stands a chance with the snowballing effect of encouragement and determination.

Mentally place yourself in front of the obstacle that is holding you back. Sit with it without judgment.  Think of your previous accomplishments and struggles, some having been under worse scenarios than presently before you, and you came out the other side with a more keen sense of self and the world around you.


Re-evaluate when something isn’t working then boldly press forward.

The title of this post did have the often dreaded Monday in mind.  It was the day I originally intended to publish it, but Monday was being Monday just for the hell of it. Between a momentary setback and an unyielding migraine – finishing writing and publishing was not in the cards.

That was okay, though.  It gave me the opportunity to not force something when I sat before the computer.   I had to take my own advice and take a step back to see where I stood, re-evaluate and then press boldly onward, but just in a different manner than previously mapped out.

You. Yes, you – Remember to walk boldly in the direction of your life and let all those obstacles fade away as you walk on by with a song in your heart and a bounce in your step.

What have you made up your mind to walk boldly through lately?



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