Instagram Style (My Thoughts)

Instagram style (my thoughts) as I enter the world of #tinylittlesquares.


I am late to the phenomena known as Instagram. The same goes for Twitter for that matter.  I am late to discover most things.  Surprise!  Surprise!  However, Instagram has opened a creative outlet for me + not just in sharing fun, interesting, and colorful, photos.

From fellow Instagrammers, I have enjoyed seeing their visions whether it lie in business or lifestyle.  Their photos have inspired my creativity and as with any social media platform, it has been fun getting to get to know people with similar interests that otherwise would not have happened outside the web.  Through the Instagram platform, I have been inspired to once again put pen to paper and create this blog.

As it turns out, this blog is not the only opportunity that has presented itself.  Recently I started interning for a content creation and visual marketing strategy entrepreneur.  It is a virtual position, which is perfect, since I travel back and forth from my desert dwelling to my native Midwest, a few times a year.  (Proof at least for me that you can take the girl out of the countryside, but you can’t take the countryside out of the girl).  My husband also works from home so we have the freedom of scheduling our work and activities.  (I suddenly feel like I am creating a sign-up sheet for extra-curricular activities.  I am not, for the record, but in case I am, I guess I know where to turn to.  Good. To. Know.) The motivation to try new things has exploded and each thing I learn only makes me hungry to learn more.  Isn’t that what we are all wired for anyway?  A challenge to expand our horizons and grow?

Those critical of Instagram have noted it is another platform where people attempt to construct perfect snapshots of life.  I cannot think of many people who would prefer looking at crappy photos.  I am sure some do find crappy photos exciting, but I bet there is a separate app for that.  If there is one, I don’t need to know.  I’m good.  I take enough crappy photos of my own.

Some say the intent for Instagram users is to get attention, attention, attention!  As previously noted, this is social media we are talking about, however, the end game varies.  Some use Instagram to tell a story, to sell a brand, to inform, to improve their skills or all of the above.  Some truly appreciate looking at bright, colorful pics for the sake of looking at bright, colorful pics.  Hasn’t that been the modus operandi all along of magazines, TV, and newspapers?  Humans have done a marvelous job gobbling that stuff up.

Now that the majority of people turn to the internet for media, it is only fitting we should have a place to be creative and share content.  Content I have posted on Instagram include photos taken while living in the desert SW, visits home to Iowa, and one from a recent vacation to California.  I look for the colorful, unique, little things and a few big things, in life to capture and share.  I am learning the art of styling and experimenting with taking the photos, all with an Android.  You use what you have available.  Also in the mix are old black and white photos of my grandmother’s that I have included in previous blog posts.  My photos are to show a slice of life as I appreciate what I encounter along the way.  The vintage photos are my way remembering fondly those I have loved and lost, but live on in the stories and photos they have left me.

Below are a few photos from the @sweetsnsnarks Instagram feed.  Please click on the link to follow me on Instagram:  @ljbrod where I share more photos on a second account.

I greatly appreciate it!!




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