Give a Girl a Journal, Watch Her Soar


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I was reading today about the importance of empowerment through journaling. My mother once gave me a journal + I haven’t stopped writing since.  Journaling became a way to navigate my emotions + my sense of curiosity.  Especially when a girl is young, wanting a place to voice dreams, events, + imagination uninterrupted, the pages of a journal became a haven.  Over the years looking back at my entries proved at times to be both amusing + embarrassing (some of those would be the pages I tore out + tore up) while others made me see the how far I had come from the girl experiencing self-doubt or sadness.  Whatever the emotion behind what was written was able to be expressed + that was the most important thing.

In a WiFi world, where information is transported instantaneously, taking the time to sit, reflect + write brings a sense of peace + clarity.  I think finding that sort of outlet is something perhaps more important now than ever before with all the social media there is to grab our attention + diminish our attention spans.

I still find I am able to collect my thoughts, take note of ideas for writing, + write a better draft if I am able to first spend some time journaling my ideas.  Even the best ideas take the time to simmer.  At any one time, I generally have at least a couple of journals going.  I have tried to make notes on my phone + on my computer, but generally speaking, I feel more at home having something I can flip through, dog ear, and doodle around.  If enough inspiration is conveyed through my pen, then I know I will be able to sit in front of my laptop without feeling the dread of a blank screen before me.

It wasn’t only my own journal, with blank lined pages awaiting my pen, but those my grandma kept as a young girl, that I found interesting.   Grandma gradually came to write

Grandma in School

Grandma at School Desk

in planners as life became more demanding with work, twins, + her household.  Although her entries were a brief outline of the events of her days, I greatly cherish being able to read what everyday life was like for her, a young girl in the 1920s, and beyond.  I love seeing her penmanship + I can imagine the sound of the scratch of her pencil as it made its way in cursive across the page.  Her diaries gave tangibility to a time she had told me so much about.  Well into retirement, Grandma began once again writing dates + events down as she remembered them.  Her hand had long been unsteady with age, so she would sit in front of her electric typewriter to get her memories down.  She often told me she wished she had a kept a journal throughout her years with consistency, but as she said, “Life gets busy + well, you know the rest.”

I do know the rest which is one of the main inspirations for my writing.  What she had passed along in stories to me of her many years, I am attempting to write down, in my own words, along with the way the times I shared with her + the rest of the family, felt to introverted me.  Writing allows me the gift of finding the deeper meaning behind thoughts + words, of reliving treasured moments big or small, + to see how things in life come full circle.  I write to relive the sweet, bittersweet, whimsical + snarky moments of life + more…

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