Welcome to the Sweet + Snarky

Prairie Sunshine

We All Carry Within Us…

First and foremost, welcome to my blog.  I am a Midwestern girl at heart transplanted to the desert Southwest.  I have always enjoyed writing and taking amateur photos and knew at some point the blog platform would be the perfect place for me to share them both. That point FINALLY came when it hit home that the last surviving member of my paternal grandfather’s siblings (and their spouses) had passed away.  It seemed as if all that love and laughter we shared as a family was but a dream.  I came to see with eyes awakened, the best way to honor the memory of those I carry within, as well as those still with me today, was to at long last set my own spirit free.

“We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.” – Liam Callanan.   The people who came before me are some of the sweetest and snarkiest people a girl could ever know.  In fact, I feel my luck in this regard has somehow cheated others of such priceless gems. Through this lifestyle blog, I hope to remedy this by sharing the warmth & wit I have known from them, but also that which they have cultivated in me, as well as things I experience along the way.





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